The state of art facility at University offers ample opportunity to grow in the Maritime and Training sector.


Anmet is an age-old certified Australian University that offers maritime education and training in Melbourne. We are accredited to provide education in maritime and training of an international level. Maritime Education bonds the learner with the culture, behaviour and climate of water at large. The students are opting for the maritime education and training sail through the deep sea and ocean.

Anmet is a highly reputed educational institute where we offer the best training to succeed in the industry of maritime education. We allow our trainees to enjoy the most advanced collection of maritime facilities in Southern Hemisphere like training and research vessels and ship simulators. This provides the students with a reliable and active platform where they can gain as much knowledge as possible from education and training. Moreover, our trainees get benefit from the smaller class sizes as it provides them with individual attention and also give access to lecturers for the advice and support they require.

We also accommodate our students in rented apartments to give them a comfortable staying experience. However, all our students are entitled to have their leased property cleaned before leaving to the sail. That's why we are associated with a reputed cleaning company in Melbourne to assist students in complicated cleaning chores. Their in-house professional End of Lease Cleaners Melbourne cleans the entire property and gives students a safe and healthy environment.

Offering quality guidance and assistance to aspiring professionals who want to learn about sail handling & theory, rigging, ship or boat handling, sail making. We have an extensive team of experienced and proficient professionals. They teach students theoretical knowledge along with providing practical training. Therefore, students from our centre are reckoned for their complete development. So, if you are looking for a good education centre offering complete solutions then we are the perfect place to meet your needs. Contact us now to gain more information regarding maritime education and training.

Our educational establishment was founded with the mission to help aspiring youth become a part of a large network of maritime professionals. Thus, we expanded our campus, ensured we have reliable teachers with years of experience and developed courses to help any student get the best training. We are a place where students not only get theoretical education but also get hands on exposure as well. Since the establishment of our University, we have produced thousands of maritime professionals and our goal is to help thousands more to realise their dreams. If you are interested in maritime education, we are here to assist!

Our Courses

At Anmet, we believe that training and education are essential to keep the maritime industry moving. Experts have anticipated that more than 40,000 trained seafarers will be required in the next decade to match the expectation of the growing sector. Thanks to our courses, we have emerged as a platform for those students who come from various backgrounds, inaccessible locations or regions and do not have good educational facilities or a strong maritime culture.

To add some value to their training and education requirements, our course focus on providing them in-depth knowledge of this field, identifying their skills and polishing them, teaching them with an innovative approach and ultimately targets to influence the education policies and practices throughout the maritime world. Since the first day, Anmet has successfully maintained connections with every segment of the industry. Our courses are specially designed to match the requirements of those working in various sectors of the maritime industry. Constant contact with all the essential personnel assures the relevance is maintained as the latest technology and modern processes emerge.

Our courses include Seafaring, Maritime Engineering, Maritime & Logistics Management and Freight Systems Management Education & Training. We also focus on courses like Maritime Archaeology Education and Naval Architecture. Ocean Engineering and Supply Chain Management Programs is also a part of our courses.

Maritime Studies

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