Maritime Engineering & Hydrodynamics

The combination of mechanical, civil and electrical engineering in construction and maintenance of watercrafts is refereed as Maritime Engineering & Hydrodynamics. This course in anmet is a blend of marine work technology and naval architects that deign cruise liners and other water vessels.

Maritime Business & International Logistics

The balancing act of managing work between the ports and sailing boats is taught under this syllabus. The students learn the technical methodology of cruise. The course gives insight of maritime work system and management.


Ocean Seafaring

This course teaches about the geographical conditions of sea and oceans. The secret behind the success of maritime companies is Ocean Seafaring. We assure that students must learn to predict weather conditions before sailing. Also, the sudden change in climate can be deal smoothly by the professionals holding this degree.

Coastal Seafaring

The Coastal Seafaring course transforms the students into leading offshore managers. The course offers tactical of managing ports and ships on shore. While offering learning experience of managing offshore cruise.

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