Anmet proffer research program in five distinct fields. Explore the world of new design and techniques to handle watercrafts. Our research center is open to students from across the globe. Come and reinvent the traditional way of building ships. Design cruise of an international level and take the Australian maritime and shipping industry to new heights.

Maritime Human Factors

Mishap, collision and poor engine quality are the problems faced by the maritime industry from a long time. We offer research in making high-quality engines, anchor winches, and anti-collision mechanism.

Engineering in Extreme Conditions

Engineering is not an easy task to accomplish. The naval architect is far more difficult than the normal engineering. Anmet provide the opportunity to design and develop techniques to use in extreme weather conditions.


Sustainable Ports, Shipping and logistics

Sea is the trade route to Australia. More than 90 percent of Australian business depends on waterways to flourish. The expanding business percentage of Australian goods demands new ports and harbors. Hence, the requirement of logistic professionals is going to increase by huge margin. The professionals earn perks and appraisals at regular intervals in this profession.

Maritime Defense Education, Training and Research

Research in maritime defense education and training allows development in security techniques and equipment. The rapidly growing maritime sector requires 40,000 seafarers by the end of 2030. This research program can sail the maritime industry with proficient employees in coming times.

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