Maritime Human Factors

Mishap, collision and poor engine quality are the problems faced by the maritime industry from a long time. We offer research in making high-quality engines, anchor winches, and anti-collision mechanism.

Development of these features will minimise the risk of life. Under this subject, researcher design watercrafts that allow comfortable stay to people while sailing. Blend of technology and human behavior can bring various changes to the maritime sector. Also, the outcome of operation training can help us develop new safety mechanism for defense and other companies working in the deep sea.

MET Melbourne believes in making collective efforts. Why shall only human cop up with technology. Work style in maritime sector will became hassle-free with the development of automatic control management. Automatic system will enhance the workflow of the entire cruise. MET Melbourne provides complete state of art research laboratory campus. The research arena offer access to the world best seafarers and industries.

Projects are made on various subjects such as feasibility of the ships E-Navigation system and performance of the high engines. Research work highlight the need of spacious yet small size boasts. That can carry passengers with utmost care and comfortably.