Our Facilities

Anmet has the most advanced research facilities and learning opportunities in the Southern Hemisphere. These facilities are diligently used by researchers, students, defence organisations, global industry partners and government bodies, who depend on them to plan and develop innovative designs, carry out research to increase efficiency and safety, teach students and train seafarers. We have numerous facilities like Maritime simulation Centre, model test Basin, Emergency response centre, cavitation research laboratory, and so on. We make sure that these facilities are as per the international standard. They make us the foremost choice for the student who wants a bright career in this sector.

We provide our student with the opportunity to use one of the most advanced maritime simulators in the world. The simulation facilities are used for ship manoeuvring, research and investigation for the development of the port, increasing the safety and efficiency of ship and port, teaching undergraduates and training seafarers. The Students understand the complex concept of ship-handling, use of the radar, passage planning, automatic identification systems, electronic charts and automatic radar plotting benefits.

We also provide the Model Test Basin facility to our students that have a wave-maker and 16 piston-type paddles controlled by computer. It is capable of producing a wide variety of waves that works at almost any water depth. It is used by research organisations, students, and industry to conduct different types of experiments, providing practical experience and chance to work on experimental modelling.

In Emergency response centre, we provide training that helps them to allow in the most dangerous situations. Here, students learn how to stay calm and composed when they are under pressure. Using the mock ship's superstructure and a heated pool, this facility is used for simulated night exercises, and it is also capable of creating rain, water turbulence, simulated storm effects and wind noise. Students learn from a facility that already provides essential training for all types of ocean-going members such as passenger ship crew and fishermen. Ocean engineering students and naval architecture use this pool for testing of the deepwater model.

Our Cavitation Research Laboratory is one of its kind in Australia and one of the best experimental laboratories in the world. Our Laboratory plays a vital role when providing advice and research for the development of destroyers, submarines, maritime vessels and patrol boats in future. It is also heavily used by defence and other similar industries to study how to minimise the effects of cavitation.

We also have other facilities like Diesel Spray Test Facility, Computer Cluster, Training Vessel, Towing Tank, AUV Facility, and so on.

Our Partners