Shipboard Safety Skill Set

In anmet the course offers theoretical as well as practical knowledge of handling water vessels. Admission to the course allows the students to learn about technical handling of the watercraft.

Maritime Operations Grade I

This course is related to mid-sea operations. The course guides students to handle emergency situations occurred on shore.

Maritime operations [Master up to 24m. Near Coastal]

This course is for those opting for limited mile marine education. The professionals with this qualification are allowed to travel till 24m near the coast.

Certificate IV in Maritime operations [Master up to 35m. Near Coastal]

The area in this course is valid till 35 m from the coast. The students learn to bring vessel to the coast and to rescue ship in bad weather.

Certificate III in Maritime Operations [Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 Near Coastal]

The engineer holding this degree is allowed to drive the water vessel within a limited area. The students get trained under all weather condition to pass this course.

Certificate IV in Maritime Operations [Marine Engine Driver Grade 1 Near Coastal]

This course offers outline of marine engineer driver that is necessary to work onshore. Also, the engine driver is capable of driving a damaged ship to the coast.

Diploma in Maritime operations

The course is an overview of the working of maritime operations. The students here get the understanding of all aspects of the marine work system.

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