Shipboard Safety Skill Set

The course offers theoretical as well as practical knowledge of handling water vessels. Admission to the course allows the students to learn about technical handling of the watercraft.

Course Offer

Shipboard safety skill set is required to sail on fishing boat and small trade watercraft.

Three-day full-time training makes you an accredited professional in Shipboard Safety Skill Set.


You should know swimming till short distance with clothing and boots as wearable. You should manage yourself in water without the help of life jacket.

Course Outline
  • Survival at sea in the event of vessel abandonment
  • Observe safety and emergency procedures on a coastal vessel
  • Fight and extinguish fires on board a coastal vessel
Things require for practical study

Fire Fighting : Old clothing and sturdy boots.
Sea Survival : Towel, change of clothing and soft sole shoes to be worn in the pool.


On campus accommodation is available for international and interstate students.