Maritime Operations Grade I

The course offers theoretical as well as practical knowledge of handling water vessels. Admission to the course allows the students to learn about technical handling of the watercraft.

Course Offer

A Coxswain is a master in fishing or trading vessel within 12 meters in length. Limit to sail in inshore water is 15nm. Become an engineer in vessel maintenance and sail with the boats having an engine capacity of less than 500kW.

You will then be able to seek employment in the small vessel sector including tourism, commercial workboats, fisheries, fishing, and aquaculture.


Anyone can take this course. To be eligible for the issue of a Certificate of Coxswain, the learner must fit into the criteria of its state marine authority. Criteria include successful completion of an approved training program. Eyesight and medical tests and approved sea-time. Six-month sea time is a must.


On-campus accommodation is available for international and interstate students.