The students get to explore creative professions after completing Maritime Operation course. The limited sailing open door to professions such as, tourists guide, yacht drivers, and fishery. Maritime Operation course are offered in two categories. One is 15 nm and the second is 24 nm. You will develop the skills that are required for the coastal navigation as well as the seamanship. With this course, you will also know how to use a range of vessels. The engineering practicals that are parts of this course will show you how to tackle varied situations.



The course allows direct admission in Bachelors of Engineering. This is a short-term course that allows students to learn maintenance, working and designing of watercrafts in easy manner. Successful completion of this course allows a person to work on Engineer Assistant profile. There is always a demand for this type of work in the maritime industry. Students get proper training from the experienced faculty, which help them to further sharpen their skills. This specific study develops a student mentally and also prepare them physically. After Bachelors of Engineering, you can explore infinite options for a successful career.



Learn navigation and technical skills to anchor ships in deep sea. The course reflects work style of maritime business where sailing continues for a long time. The syllabus covers Mechanical, Electrical and Civil engineering aspects to work flawlessly. It is a gateway to enter various industry such as cargo carriers, international watercraft and different passenger cruise. You can also get the opportunity to work with the leading oil and gas companies. Students get real-time training in passenger ferries that has a link with the cruise companies, ships, and liner.